Garden designer

Luciano Caprini

Since I was a child, I have dreamed about being a garden designer, and I have loved to read magazines concerning this field. That’s why I studied at the agrarian school and I attended several courses to deepen my knowledge of the plantations’ techniques of ornamental plants, and of the agronomic and botanical dynamics. After 8 years as an advisor for an important company specialized in the planning of outdoor landscapes, I understood that I wanted to deal exclusively with the design and planning of gardens.

That’s why in 2009 I launched my office where, in addition to the design and realization of gardens, I deal with “coaching”: a consultation involving only few meetings where I explain how to create the green space, bringing the customer to the nursery to choose the most suitable plants, and I teach how to plant and take care of them.

My job is to plan and design green spaces, taking care of the details and their harmony. I design and create gardens both in Italy and abroad, using essences as native as possible, best respecting sustainability, energy saving and future maintenance costs.

Green’s Philosophy

Designing and creating luxury gardens

My philosophy

Creating gardens or cultivating the land is an act of defiance, maybe of pride or of presumption, it subjugates the natural world to our own vision, to curiosity and to the pleasure of creation.

Even if you’re cultivating
only a small plant
of geranium on the balcony,
you’re taking the sky as your partner.
The unknown, something
that you cannot control.

So, a garden designer knows how to accept the possibility of defeat. Those who love gardens, those who care about it with respect and passion are inevitably humble, and the humility of retraining themselves is the new inspiration. A new renaissance, that was for sure the age of the hand, the head, and the heart, a virtuous combination of passion, ‘savoir faire’ and creativity.

Today’s challenge is to bring that era back to life, giving the customer the role of client instead of just a consumer.

It’s in ourselves that the landscapes have a landscape.

Therefore, if I imagine them, I create them; if I create them, they exist; if they exist, I see them.

Green’s planning

Nowadays, designing a garden means to draw fully from the principles of “Biophilic Design”, a new and innovative way to plan the places in where we live, we work and we get raised. It also means to put firm basis for the creation of a set of the whole outdoor, with the guarantee of maintaining the result over time; the garden, the park, or the terrace is going to be a natural magic that, year after year, will be able to capture the five senses with renewed wonder.

The garden design occurs following precise steps, linked together in order to obtain an excellent result fully satisfying the customer’s expectation.


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