Contemporary Country

Contemporary garden

The work of the garden designer is not only the definition or the designing of a garden, but also, like in this case, the adaptation to the style of a particular environment and of the surrounding area.

This was the starting point for the design of this yard that encircle an historical farmstead in Piemonte, situated in the more classical hilly landscape and surrounded by vineyards, rocks, dips, bright greens and by the sunlight that makes its appearance through the foliage of the Olive trees, strongly desired by the owners, who love to attend the Provencal landscapes.

The project for this garden is a combination of softness and irregularity, almost inconsistent, light and floaty, thanks to the alchemy given by decorative herbs, Stipa, Pennisetum, Calamagrostis, and by the perpetual with humble flowers, Verbene, Salvie, Gaure; but there, it also coexists precise, perfect and linear volumes, Buxus spheres and Cupressus shapes, creating a style that I would call “country contemporary”.

Another point of this work was to transform and integrate elements that were almost unused, like old millstones, ancient tubs, making them the strength of this work.

After an attentive study of the surrounding areas, we wanted to add a total usability to this garden that it didn’t have at all, with the insertion of walkways made of ancient Luserna stone both in the noble garden (bringing you to the orchard and to the vegetable garden) and in the path that brings you to the poolhouse and to the pool itself, from where a tiny staircase surrounded by pomegranates leads you to the berceau belvedere, which is reserved, intimate and meditative, strongly wanted by the owner who loves to get herself lost in beautiful reading moments.

The garden dedicated to the parties, inside the historical walls, is enriched by a summer pavillon, covered in copper, to host friends during thematic parties hosted in the summer nights by the owner.

The entire vegetation and the stone walls have been enhanced with an illumination from below, by spotlights totally hidden, that knows how to give magic of lights and dancing shadows during summer nights.