Agorà oil museum

Creating a corporate garden

The project “Museo Agorà” was made to finally bring back the olive trees in the Parma area, an area that has always been suited to the agri-food sector, where the first idea was to bring together the agriculture with the knowledge, the love for nature with the love for human’s knowledge. The Museum shows the passion for the olive tree, a sacred tree in many civilizations, a symbol for peace and communication, a source of sustenance, taste, body care and soul care, light.

The Agorà can host up to 500 guests, on a three-level large steps, an outdoor theater inside a natural park, where many walking paths and geometric lines meet with the spontaneity of the surrounding English-style garden, in a huge area, equipped with the latest technology and services, that can be used for roundtables, conferences, concerts, shows, and high-level events.

A place that is perfect for sharing the love for beauty, art and culture. A corporate garden, a place for sharing, but also a hotbed for ideas, for fighting the mediocrity and the food sophistication, a stage from where to launch new suggestions or new events that can feed the mind and spirit. That is what we are expecting from this privileged and unique place.