Brand garden

Design and construction of a corporate garden

This is the design of a brand garden for the headquarter of a prestigious company producing doors and windows, BiCi Srl.

The design for this yard had a dual goal: to create an outdoor showroom, where it is possible to present the products offered by BiCi, Roda, Ke, Atelier Vierkant, AK47 and so on, and at the same time to create a relaxing space dedicated to the meeting of the clients and to host events and products’ presentation.

The idea was to cover the paving and the decking with composite wood alternating with stoneware in an harmonious dialog, creating environments closed by custom planters made of steel with Lauro Nobilis and Bamboosa inside.

Then, in the big Vierkan’s vases you will find a succession of Buxus shaped in spheres and informal gramineous plants that enhance the feeling of being in a dynamic garden. The big fireplace and two tanks of water are framing the main living and they complete the presence of the four elements of life: air, water, fire, earth.

Curtains made of Bamboo, wisely placed, can hide the view of the less interesting spots, creating optical telescopes on long and more emotional views.