British style in Parma

Progettazione giardino inglese

A garden with a strong British soul, with smooth lines and essences that are “randomly” mixed together, chasing volumes that give to the scenography a soft, rounded and sinuous idea, in line with the owners’ desire.

The soft lines contrast the rigidity of the architectural shapes, the pool and the conservatory, but they recall the curvy lines of the doors and windows and of the porches.

A perfect combination of classic and contemporary. Buxus spheres characterize the entrance and the pool area, to strongly highlight the contrast between natural volumes and the strict geometries.

The flowerings are made to adapt themselves to the ground and to the weather conditions of that area, blooming from March to November with white and cream colors that give a touch of elegance to the garden.

We chose essences that grow in a natural way, letting them grow spontaneously; this fact allows also a reduction of maintenance works that simply become a spring pruning and an easy mowing of the grass.

The lights’ scenography, wisely positioned retractable in the garden, gives during the night a magic of brightness and darkness, of movement and prospective, where the shadows of the trees are cuddled by the wind.

This is the magic of finding yourselves in the greatest place in the world, your own home.