Piemonte country

Designing a country-style garden

The job of the garden designer means to define, to redraw, or, like in this case, to adapt the garden to the style of the place and of the environment you’re working in.

This was the idea behind the project of a garden surrounding an historical farmhouse situated in Piemonte, called Tenuta Cascina Cuccagna, in a really classical hilly landscape of this region, and precisely in Aqui Terme, dipped in the rhythm of the vineyards, the rocks and the living stones, the valleys, the intense green and the sun who gets himself in through the olive tree’s leaves (requested specifically by the owners, who love the Provencal landscapes that they regularly frequent).

The owner’s wish was to create a classic country-style garden, with different types of paths that would change the sensory perceptions of their guests, creating different environments, like a vegetable garden and aromatic herbs, a secret rose garden with more than 1000 different species of rose, a berceaux for the butterflies, and an orchard.

Everything is accompanied by the sound of water, enough to call it a garden of fountains.

The garden plan is a combination of softness and irregularity, almost inconsistent, light and floaty, given by the alchemy of several decorative herbs like Stipa Tenuissima, Pennisetum, Calamagrostis, by perennial plants with wild flowers like Verbene, Salvie, Gaure and also by the perfect and linear volumes of Buxus spheres and Cupressus symbols; a style that we can define as “contemporary country”.

The project was also able to transform and integrate elements that were almost unused, like old milestones and ancient tubs, turning them into the real strength of this work.

From an accurate and attentive study of the area, we wanted to add a complete accessibility to this yard that it didn’t have at all at the beginning, with the realization of a walking path made with ancient Luserna stones on the all outdoor, that brings you to the vegetable garden and to the orchard, but also to the poolhouse and the swimming pool itself; from there, a little stair surrounded by pomegranate trees guides you to the belvedere berceau, a peaceful, intimate and meditative area highly desired by one of the owner, who loves to immerse herself into magical reading moments.

The party garden, inside the historical walls, got enriched by a summer pavilion covered in copper, to host friends during summer parties.

The entire vegetation and the living stones’ walls have been enhanced by an illumination from below, with recessed headlights fully retractable that know how to give magic through dancing lights and shadows in the summer nights, also due to the leaves cuddled by the breeze.