Milan from above

Designing a fashion terrace

Luciano Caprini garden designer designed in Milan a rooftop terrace, that tie the property to the landscape.

The owners’ desire was to create a rooftop terrace that could harmoniously contain the magic of a real garden, a dinner area for their guests, a relaxation area to enjoy warm and sunny summer days, and as much green as possible, almost a heaven between the clouds.

A terrace on the roof top of a tall and modern palace, to create many gardens in one.

Green everywhere, a thousand shades of green, the blooming mixed with the soft decorative herbs, always moving, cuddled by the wind; trees that grow up high until touching the sky, an explosion of vegetation that make us feel to be inside a garden instead of being on a terrace.

On the walls there are two vertical gardens that frame some mirrors, creating depth and mystery in a game of visual illusion.

The decking pavements bring us with warm colors to the movements between play and relax; the lighting system enhance the colors, the magic of shadows and lights during the night time. All around the city lights make us feel to be on a cloud, in perpetual movement.