Club House golf garden

Designing a golf garden in Castrezzato

An interesting redevelopment project of an equestrian area was made to create a country style garden next to the club house of the golf club Le Colombere.

A garden made by many aspects, full of several different areas and suggestions.

From an entrance with scenografic curtains you move to the recreational garden for outdoor parties, arriving finally to the vegetable garden and to the orchard.

A big pool with a natural design and a biolake surround a wonderful two-floors conservatory made of iron and glass that it’s used as a recreational bar and as a gym with a mini spa inside for the companions.

This is a country-style relaxing garden where you can enjoy a peaceful walk surrounded by trees, flowered bushes, soft turfs and aromatic plants; that have been the leit motiv of the entire project.

This symbolic and reminiscent garden has also a fairy touch thanks to the big chessboard parterre, the maze and the symbolic plants.

All around the garden there is a nice walk that connect the garden with the two main entrances and the restaurant.