Family Garden

Designing a home garden

The design of this garden mainly focused on two areas that were very important for the owners: the entrance and the swimming pool.

The initial goal was to give scenography and privacy to the main entrance, that in this case is both a driveway and a pedestrian zone; the intuition here was to create an actual garden with a big green square which is very scenographic but also passable, and that can become a parking if necessary, creating a flowerbed, on the side that divide the driveway from the pedestrian area, made with evergreen bushes and blooms that enhance the summer season also maintaining a green coverage the whole year.

The addition of the swimming pool was the second focal point, in order to create a playground for the kids but also a convivial relaxation area to host friends and guests for outdoor brunches and dinners by the pool in the summer. That’s the reason why it’s been included a pergola with a variable aperture under which comfortable relaxation couches have been placed to enjoy the scenography of the villa, reflected on the green tones of the pool itself.

Finally, the entire property is framed by a lush flowerbed made with trees, bushes and shrubs that provides the complete privacy.