Contemporary Mediterraneo

Designing a Mediterranean garden

The modern Mediterranean villa is situated on the Catanzaro coastline.

The garden can take advantage of its dual scenography, the driveway and the alleys that bring you to the main entrance enjoy a gentle shadow given by the new Mediterranean scrub, that protects the villa from the indiscreet looks of the neighbors; here the garden gives wonders to the eyes thanks to the richness of colors provided by plants like Acacie, Oleandri, Hybiscus, Agapanthus, Lantana, that intertwine cuddled by the sea breeze.

In the area facing the villa, the garden become more formal, with more geometrical lines but surrounded by a lush yard of Mediterranean essences with the colors of the sea and sun, like Plumbago, Lantane, Solanum, Agavi, Cycas, Dracaene, to offer the relaxing and warm sensation of the summer also during the resting periods.

Then, in this part of the garden, there are also a spa tub drowned in the green, and a dining area that make the outdoor more enjoyable to the family during the warm summer nights.