On Fabriano’s hills

Designing a modern garden

The real core of this project is the cohesion between the garden, that occupies a 120 hectares-large area, and the surreal villa, masterfully designed by the architect Piero Lissoni, that lives in full harmony with the landscape, and not as a foreign object. A combination of gramineous plants and local herbs gives an amazing outcome, without modifying the landscape.

From the main entrance, a soft and winding alley guides you up to the villa, surrounded by Pennisetum and light white blooms of Gaura.

In the front of the villa you find a scenographic garden with regular geometric parterre made of decorative herbs to highlight the linear architecture of the villa; behind the property instead there is the more playful garden, with a big parterre made of grass to host friends and to relax after a long workday. In this part of the yard you can also find a square-based fountain, totally black, that reflects the movements of the clouds up in the sky.

Long lines of Buxus trimmed in topiary leave from the facade of the building, entering then in the flowerbeds of gramineous plants, combining the villa’s conceptuality, its strictness and its naturalness.