Teatru park

Designing a playground

The project was made with the aim of a redevelopment of the Teatru public park, situated in Foscani, a little town in Romania.

The idea was to create a “garden park” with the enhancement of the preexisting green and the integration of huge flowerbed borders, to give a great color show during the whole year.

By the three different entrances, the park is a real garden, made with several flowerbeds that guide you to the more convivial part of the park, where, by the kids’ playground, you can find the panoramic pyramid.

Following the paths in the park, you’ll find the central round big square, with a great and playful fountain for the fun of adults and children.

From here, you can lead to the main entrance passing through a more relaxing area with, again, the aspect of a garden with flowerbed borders well defined.

The entire work has also focused also on the creation of paved walking paths, street furniture, fountains, and a light system that allows also to enjoy the park during summer nighttime.