Classicism in Latina

Designing a Roman garden

The garden designer Luciano Caprini designed the garden for a great villa with elegant and classical shapes in Latina.

The project includes also the design of the swimming pool, with a classical outline that recalls a roman tub with rounded edges; it reminds to the typical concept of a classic Mediterranean garden.

The yard itself, that encloses the villa, has two main goals: to emphasize and to enhance the villa’s scenography, and to ensure privacy to its owners. In fact, thanks to the wise combination of shrubs, bushes and tall and medium trees, a vegetable wall rose to protect the huge garden from the nearby villas, creating this way a very enjoyable green space.

The big gate made with wrought iron opens up on the great alley that guides us to the main entrance, surrounded by flowerbeds with Mediterranean essences and clear colors.

In the huge yard, at the highest level, you can find a secret garden, more intimate, enriched by the conservatory made of iron and glass that acts as a summer-house, where it is possible to relax and enjoy nice dinners with good company, in a contest of rare and stunning beauty.

The vegetable garden with aromatic herbs gives to the owner moments of great recreation and pleasure.