Terrace overlooking Cernobbio

Designing a terrace on Lake Como

The terrace concerning this project is situated at 400 meters above the sea level, facing the Lake Como and surrounded by green mountains, it dominates the modern-style villa and it is used by the owners as a place where to spend holidays with family and friends.

The terrace was designed to be divided in 3 functional areas. One of these areas is the “walking area”, a long and wide hallway bordered on the southern side by the wall of the villa, but open on the northern side, that was intentionally left free of furniture to allow freely movements.

Here, a large planter has a combination of perennial herbs with different flowerings that creates an interesting grassland useful to catch the attention and direct the view outwards.

The remaining part of the terrace has a rectangular living area furnished with two modern and comfortable couches and enclosed by planters made with stainless steel colored with different shades of gray, a little lighter than the pavement made in Serizzo di Antigorio’s stones.

In the long planters, the boxwood forms a compact and continuous hedge, maintained at a 40 cm high, interrupted on the four corners by boxwood spheres that find their space in the floaty Sesleria Autumnalis’ vegetation, an evergreen plant with a light foliage that blooms in August.

An unusual fireplace marks the border with the dining area, made intimate by the Phyllostachys Aurea at whose feet the exuberant Hachonecloa Macra grows.

The flames in the fireplace are useful to create a welcoming atmosphere, but also to warm a 40m2-large area, making the area accessible also during the cooler days.

The terrace is then completed by a motorized sail equipped with spotlights that can shade the whole area if necessary, and with two bluetooth solar-powered speakers that can be also used as two lamps.