Garden for Guests

Designing a villa’s garden

The design of this garden is included in the construction of a new detached private villa.

The main goal of this project was to create a formal and functional organization of the outdoor, to intimately connect it to the building in front of it, creating a garden where it’s possible to enjoy many outdoor activities.

The rectangular modern swimming pool is the absolute star of the garden, surrounded by a new generation of decking pavement, it gives a touch of modernity and cleanliness to the whole area. Around this pool, there are two living areas, the dining area, the relax area and the solarium.

The whole property is framed by bushes and different types of trees, with soft and natural flowerbeds, meanwhile in the inside of the garden you can find Buxus pruned in spheres and boxes that gives an idea of discipline and precision creating a good contrast and a dual identity to the garden.