Buen retiro

Designing an historical palace’s garden

The goal of a garden designer is not only to design or define spaces but also, like in this case, to adapt to the style of the environment surrounding the project. That’s how we began the design of this garden that encircle an historical palace on Piemonte’s hills, also surrounded by rhythmic waves of the vineyards, of rocks and live stones, of the hollows, of the bright greens and of the sun that makes his appearance from the foliage of ancient olive trees.

The main desire of the owners was to create a garden in a classical country style, with paths that would change the sensory perceptions of the visitors, creating many spaces, different one another, like a vegetable garden and an orchard, a secret rose garden in the pool area, and the secret garden, more intimate and private. Everything is then accompanied by the sound of water, and the essences of colorful flowers.

The design of the yard is a perfect combination of softness and irregularity, almost inconsistent, light and floaty, given by the alchemy of the decorative herbs like Stipa Tenuissima, Pennisetum, Calamagrostis, together with the perennial plants with wild flowers, like Verbene, Salvie, Gaure, and along with precise, perfect and linear volumes of Buxus spheres; a style that we could define “classical country”.

The designing decisions that we took, knew how to transform and include several elements that were almost unused, like old alcoves and arches in walls, making them the strengths of the whole project.

From an attentive study of the areas and the different paths, we wanted to add to this garden a total accessibility, that it didn’t have at all before, with the insert of walking paths made with old stones and gravel, both in the more noble garden, that leads you into the vegetable garden and the orchard, and in the pool garden, where you can also find a small staircase totally surrounded by wisteria. In a spot of the yard, protected by the palace, there is the secret garden, intimate, private and meditative, strongly wished by one of the owner, who loves to enjoy herself in moments of peaceful reading.

The entire vegetation, and the walls in live stone are enhanced by a lightning from below, with hidden spotlights that know how to give magical moments in a game of lights and shadows given by the trees’ foliage cuddled by the wind.