A yellow day dress

Realizzazione giardino stile inglese

A yellow day dress for this English-style garden. Soft lines, essences that are “randomly” combined together, moving volumes; everything is used to give to the scenography a sense of softness, roundness and sinuosity according to the owners’ desires. The soft shapes are in contrast with the rigidity of the architecture and of the pool, but that recall the curvy lines of the doors and windows, of the porches and of the balustrades, a fusion between contemporary and classic.

Buxus spheres characterize the main entrance and are present in different spots, to strongly highlight the contrast between the natural volumes and the more strict geometries. The trees with voluminous and light foliage are interrupted by the statuesque linearity of Cupressus, beloved by the owner, that give an elegant touch to the environment.

There, the flowering are made to perfectly adapt to the ground and the weather conditions, blooming from March to November, with a predominance of yellow tones, a very summer and warm dress, that perfectly fall in love with the bright red tones of the house. We chose to use these essences in a natural way, letting them grow spontaneously, so that they need a low level of maintenance, that is just a spring pruning and an easy grass mowing.

The light system, wisely hidden by the plants, can guarantee during late hours a magic of dark and light, of movement and prospective, where shadows, given by the movement of the shrubs, create magic dances, giving a feeling to find yourself in the best place in the world, your own home.