Colors of Garda

Garden creation by the lake

The historical palace is situated by the shores of Lake Garda, and it faces a romantic marina with a majestic view of Sirmione.

The garden on the lake has a dual scenography, the alleys and the waking paths that lead you to the main entrance have a classical touch given by the historical facade of the palace.

Here the garden recalls nostalgic sensations from the beginning of the XX century, with a combination of essences like Aspidistre, Acanti, Ruscus, Hidrange, Heuchere, Oleandri; the internal courtyard, enriched by a sown pavement, and the three-arches portico, enriched by old stone vases and Buxus spheres, enhance the perceptions.

The backyard, at a higher level, is more playful, with a swimming pool made of local stone and a pavement in travertine, and it is the perfect frame for the classic-style conservatory designated as a poolhouse and as a summer kitchen.

Here the garden consists of Mediterranean essences with the colors of the lake and the sun, like Agapantus, Agavi, Cycas, Cytrus, to give, during the resting seasons, relaxing and warm sensations.

Opposite to the conservatory, you can find the relaxing gazebo made in iron, wrapped by Dracaene and by Phormium, that facilitates reading and resting moments; from here, passing through a hidden path under the shadows of high foliage, you get to the fountain’s garden, obtained by an old stone used for the pressing of the olives. A big scrub of oleanders and an historic pinus pinea separate the property from the romantic path that goes to the lake.