Jardin sur la Cote d’Azur

Giardino Costa Azzurra

This Mediterranean villa with a Provencal touch is situated on the slope by the shore of Cap Ferrat with a majestic view of the sea.

The garden has a peculiarity of a dual scenography, the driveway and the alleys that bring you to the main entrance enjoy a gentle shadow given by the native pine grove with sculptural Pinus.

Here the garden recall nostalgic sensations from the beginning of the last century, with a combination of essences like Aspidistre, Acanti, Ruscus, Hidrange, Heuchere, Oleandri, cuddled and interwined by the sea breeze, that surround the alley made with stones and sorghum untill the main entrance.

The back side of the yard is more playful, enriched by a large pool made with native stone and precious mosaics, and it is surrounded by a lush garden with Mediterranean essences that have the colors of the sea and sun, such as Plumbago, Lantane, Solanum, Ibircus, Agavil, Cycas, Cytrus, that give the relaxing and warming sensation of summer time, also during the resting periods.

Walking through the stone alleys bordered with rosemary, you arrive at the gazebo belvedere, framed by tall Cipressus and Phoenix, with a breathtaking view of the sea.