An urban garden

Garden inside the city

A huge open space made by a living area and a dining area with kitchen and bathroom. An elegant and welcoming space, which is independent from the rest of the house, dedicated to the leisure time to be shared with friends.

The real strength of this building is to face the small garden, with an L shape, through four glass walls, two of them that can be opened, to allow the continuous communication between the inside and the outside.

The designing of the garden has not been easy though, since it is situated three meters below the street level, where the sunlight doesn’t reach it.

Before the work, the garden was wet, muddy and dark, and the only vegetable presences were a Quercus Suber and an Acer Palmatum.

Around these plants, we created two paved areas made in decking, on which two planters made in corten have been posed with some Bamboo. The vegetation then enclose the two platforms and it tempts you to walk on them to discover all new perspectives.

The several geometries, textures and postures of the vegetation is enjoyable also during night time, thanks to a detailed lighting system, created with spotlights hidden in the foliage.