Among the vineyards in Franciacorta

Garden with a swimming pool

A yard with a pool for a villa among the vineyards in Franciacorta, with an informal English style but with clear and symmetrical lines that remind to the Italian spirit.

A garden with the country elegance of the bloom’s spontaneity where nature lives in total freedom, with no boundaries. The soft shapes of the garden are inspired by the nature but they fully state the concept of an innovative garden, sustainable, always with low level of maintenance and perfectly integrated by the surrounding environment.

The big cliff, full of flowering that can be enjoyed during the four seasons, separate the scenographic garden from the orchard and the vineyards, an open green space to be enjoyed during the entire year, inspired by the “genius loci” and by its beauty.

On the west side of the villa, you find the recreational area, where an elegant infinity-edge pool is the real main character, together with the poolhouse where the dressing rooms, a cozy bathroom and the bar finish the livability of the space.

Getting deeper in this garden, you immediately get the guidelines of the design, the constant blooming from spring to fall given by the evergreen shrubs and by decorative herbs such as Achillee, Echinacee, Liatris, Salvie Nemorose, Sarcococche, Ruscus, Festuche, Stipee…

That’s a successful combination for the design of this garden with bright, clear and delicate tones, always in movement thanks to the breeze, that give to the villa an everlasting elegance.