Classic in Lugano

Designing an Italian style garden

The design of the garden for this important classic villa, perched with a majestic view of Lake Lugano, recalls the style of an Italian garden. You can feel precision and geometry since the entrance framed by prospective treillages and Buxus hedges.

In the most hidden part of the villa, there is a wonderful parterre, with an important fountain in its center, surrounded by an Italian garden drawn with Buxus hedges, with blooms that change color with the changing of the seasons.

Going down the terraces of the property, you can find small intimate gardens, hidden, free of geometrical schemes, natural with soft and mixed flowerbeds enriched by different type of blossoms; the perfect relaxation area for reading and relaxing away from people’s glances.

Going deeper down in the outdoor of the villa there’s the garden of the aromatic plants and fruits, the owner loves to take directly from her garden what she’ll bring to her table.