Green City Moscow

Designing a common garden

The project concerns the design of a big public park situated in a new residential complex in the suburbs of Moscow, on a 120 hectares-large area. The main goal was the insertion of modern apartments, of a kindergarten, and of a big Mall, all inside an important and functional green space.

In the center, there is a great square with a natural amphitheater for the reunion of kids and families, from where different alleys begin creating green trapezoidal areas that give to the project a contemporary geometry.

The seats made of masonry arise directly from the alleys so that they create a three-dimensional game. In all the gardens you can find flowerbeds made with gramineous plants and flowering that resist to the rigid temperature of that area and with low level of maintenance.

Even the light system makes, during nighttime, geometric games that enhance the general texture of the project.

At the main entrance a big modern fountain with a globe representing the Earth highlight the international aspect of the new buildings.