Calacuncheddi Resort Sardinia

Hotel garden in Sardinia

The Hotel Cala Cuncheddi sets up in the amber beach of LiCuncheddi, by the Cape Ceraso in Gallura. An important redesign, conceived in the full respect of the surrounding environment, gave to the hotel a complete renewed look. The attention to the nature was the leitmotiv of the whole project; one of the distinctive feature of the work is the reconstruction of the oasis with golden sand dunes mixed with rocky areas from the great natural park.

We used the Mediterranean scrub for the border composition and a stretch of gramineae mixed with bright flowering for the level area, so to create an extraordinary continuity with the surrounding skyline, breaking down any kind of boundaries, dilating every space, creating a never-ending hug with the surrounding environment. A light and clear garden, with decorative herbs like Pennisetum, Festuca and Stipa, cuddled by the wind, Gaura’s and Verbena’s flowers, dancing like butterflies, all surrounded by movement, happiness and relax.

With the goal of removing the water consumption, the noisy mowing and their disposal, we have made sustainable choices by using essences that need low water consumption and low maintenance, like replacing the conventional grass with great stretches of sand and Lippia nodiflora. Walking through beautiful paths made with rough stone from Orosei, with a led illumination, you can enjoy breathtaking views where the garden seamless meets the below lagoon.

The swimming pool, with its soft shapes, is purified by an ozone system and surrounded by a wooden decking pavement; its light blue colors recall the sea with tone on tone shades, giving the sensation that the sea itself comes to the shadowy outdoor. The path that leads you to the hotel’s reception is fully bordered by ancient olive trees, that increase the desire of watching the flowers, the rocks and the herbs, of listening to the wind and of totally feeling that place, with the willingness of not being anywhere else.