Penthouse in Bergamo

Creation of a roof garden

A terrace of wishes, designed and created to give warm sensations that invade the guests at every hour of the day.

Each spot can welcome you in the right moment and cuddle you in a romantic meditation thanks to the perfect foliage and the triumph of the white flowers; this garden has a contemporary touch but it also reminds to the 19th century, with bright colors that bring joy and happiness to the guests, and that surround even a pool. Several essences border the walking paths that lead you to the belvedere area from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the “città alta”, wrapping everything with nature combined with total relax.

This is a generous roof garden that each day in every season give you a different flower, new and unexpected, a flower that you can enjoy only if your eyes can scan in the apparent disorder that allows the nature to express herself in absolute freedom.