Panoramic terrace

Terrace with garden

This is the panoramic terrace of an elegant penthouse in the city center, designed and realized to give amazing sensations to the guests in each hour of the day, thanks to its warm summer colors.

We realized a roof garden with plenty of joy thanks to its colors that perfectly accompany the conviviality of lunch time and dinner time and of joyful dives in the swimming pool; this garden knows how to become magic in the research of essences with yellow colors from the sun, rust colors from the earth, and green colors from the foliage.

È un giardino pensile generoso che in ogni giorno, di ogni stagione, ti regala nuove sfumature di colore, un ordine disordinato che riesci ad apprezzare se il tuo occhio attento scruta nell’apparente forma non forma che da’ modo alla natura di esprimersi liberamente.